Hiroko Suzuki


In this post we are going to highlight and profile one of our new members, her name is Hiroko Suzuki. We mentioned here ago in one of our earlier post but here were going to try to go little more deeper about who Hiroko is. Hiroko has a very fascinating history. She has came to us all the way from Japan. She has traveled around the world and it has brought her here to us in the San Francisco area. Right now Roko is attending local university. But she has to improve her English skills so that she can go on and get her Masters degree in engineering. So for the time being she is studying English every day for 6 to 8 hours. When Hiroko first came to us she told us that she was slightly burnt out from studying so much and that she wanted to have some time where she didn’t have to think about school or studying. When she was young and in high school and college she was a member of the Japanese orchestra. So she already had quite a lot of experience. The problem was that the orchestra sung in Japanese and not in English. When she came to the auditions we were blown away at the talent she had in her voice. So we decided that we would take her on as a project to see if we could use her voice and in turn we could help her with her English and perhaps her English pronunciation as well. Hiroko herself did not realize that by singing with us she was in fact studying English. Because by singing you can improve your pronunciation and intonation greatly. So in a lucky twist she gets to relax and do something she loves and at the same time work at her various goals.

Back home she runs an English school with her husband. Her husband was actually from California. Here is they’re English school website. She is studying for a test called the TOEIC test. This is a international standardized English test. To enter the Masters program at our university she needs to get 800 points on this test. She’s using a number of textbooks to do this. She also uses various online English courses. She’s very diligent in her studies. But she says she must be because the test is so difficult. When I asked to see an example of the test she showed me and sample test on a website. I tried to answer as many questions as I could. Believe it or not I got a couple of the questions wrong. Grammar was never my strong suit in school. If you’d like to try yourself check out this free test that I found online.

She not only sings classical music with us but also occasionally she will sing jazz. She’s been known to frequent some of the local jazz clubs and can be seen sitting atop a piano singing her heart out in the like of Ella Fitzgerald. And to be honest she sometimes sounds very similar to the greatness Fitzgerald although their appearances could not be any more different. Here’s hoping that she will be with us for a long time and we all wish her the best in her studies and we know that she will get the score that she’s trying to in the standardized test. We also know that she will move on to get her Masters degree and make everybody proud. Good luck.

Welcome New Members

We want to welcome all over new members who made it through the audition process. Every year we have auditions and we bring in new talent in many of our friends have to leave the group for various reasons so it is often bittersweet in the way that we have to say goodbye to friends but then we also get to make new friends. Will this year we have a especially diverse group of people. I’m only going to name a couple of them in this post but rest assured that out of the 22 new members all our great singers and great people.


First let me introduce you to Andre. Audrey comes to us from Algeria. His family is a mix of native Algerians and French. He speaks four languages. And he is studying engineering at a local university.



Next we have Hiroko. Hiroko comes to us from Japan. Next spring she hopes to be able to enter the University of California San Diego. In the meantime she is busy attending an ESL school to improve her English skills and also preparing to take the TOEIC test so that she can get a job when she goes back to Japan. Hiroko’s English is already great and she is super friendly and nice. The only problem is that occasionally during breaks she will bring us her TOEIC textbook and ask us questions that we don’t know the answers to. Seriously that TOEIC test is very difficult check it out yourself. Here’s  a sample TOEIC test.


YO_cov-Z1FCOV18FLast for today’s post we have Sam. Sam comes of us from Philadelphia. He used to own a bar with three of his childhood friends there but got married and decided to come out West to be closer to his wife’s family. Sam has an excellent singing voice and can mix up any drink that you can think of. During every rehearsal we try to stomp him on how to make various exotic drinks and it never fails that he knows exactly how to make it.

Pretty soon you can expect for more profiles from our new members who are going to join us in the next few weeks. Look forward to being introduced to them. If we have time later on we are going to try and create an individual post for each one of our members that can highlight and profile them more and depth. We feel like if the community understands more about who we are and who are members are where we have come from and they might feel that it’s easier to come and talk with us before or after the concert. Because after all we are doing this to that we can create a sense of pride in our community. So without the community we are truly nothing.


Thank to all our Oakland Fans



We just wanted to give a quick shout out to all of our Oakland fans, the turnout for our last concert was great. The energy was great. And it just goes to show what a great and amazing city Oakland is and it also shows that the Oakland people truly understand culture and music. To all of the fans that came out drinking with us after the concert I want to say thank you. Also Jim Bob can sure drink a lot of beers. Just overall a great night and we can’t wait to see all of you again next month at our next concert. So next time make sure to bring some family members or friends and will make it an even better and more interesting experience.

We would also like to give a quick shout out to some of the special members in the community who made our concert possible by going around and selling tickets and generating a buzz about it before hand. First we have Jane Smith who worked tirelessly for us and giving out tickets and putting up advertisements all along the community in just being such a source of positivity that really helped us stay motivated. We would also like to thank John Jones who was our volunteer coordinator, he got together such a great group of volunteers that helped us with the venue and so many other things. Truly without John we would not have been able to do any thing. We also want to thank Mrs. Washington who introduced us to the venue owners. Mrs. Washington is a fixture of the Oakland community and everybody knows and loves her. During our rehearsals she would come by to give us are specially made fried chicken and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They were absolutely delicious. In fact we believe Mrs. Washington should start up her own café and sell her great food through their. Last but truly not least is Reynold Berber who became our de facto accountant and manager. Because of him we were able to focus on the music and not worry about little problems around the venue or seating arrangements or taking in ticket sales. That’s all this people thank you so much you really did help us make such a great concert.

If you are wondering how to buy tickets or make reservations go over to our contact page and send us a message will try to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also try to contact Pastor Davis who can sell you up to six tickets a party.

Hello Haydn Fans

Welcome to our blog. Here we hope to give you a little more up-to-date information about our group about our future concerts and some other random things that we might put up here. We invite you to explore a website take a look at all the different pages we have. If you are a singer in the San Francisco Bay area by all means check out our auditions page and maybe you can come out and join our group. Also if you’re just a fan then go over to the contact page and leave us a message. Also don’t forget to comment in any of the posts, will try to get back to you as soon as possible but as we all are very busy singing and with her full-time jobs in might take a day or two. Okay? I’m looking forward to our next post.